For a busy person like me, getting ready each morning can be such a hassle. Some days I find myself pushing SNOOZE multiple times– each minute of extra sleep cutting into my precious getting ready time. I ask myself, was this 28 minutes of extra sleep worth not having eyebrows for the whole day?!

Typically I like to block out one full hour for getting ready if I don’t need to shower that morning, or two hours if I have to take a shower. I like to incorporate brows and lashes in my every day makeup routine, so when my friend Dominique Dabs introduced me to Sofia, owner of Strictly Lashes, I knew I had to try both lash extensions and brow tinting.

Strictly Lashes is a 420-friendly salon located in downtown Seattle, specializing in lash extensions and they also provide tinting and waxing services. While you can’t legally smoke indoors, arriving to your appointment stoned is always fun. The full set of lashes took a little over an hour to complete, and laying there was extra relaxing; it felt like a mini massage for your eyelids and lashes.

It was my first time getting lash extensions and brow tint, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. How long were they going to last? Can you use mascara and eyeliner? I had a lot of questions, but fortunately Sofia had all the answers.

Overall it was a great first experience. The lashes looked on point every day for the first two weeks. I brushed them daily as instructed, and my getting ready time decreased from one hour to about twenty to thirty minutes. Lash extensions have allowed me to skip the eyeliner, mascara, and falsies from my morning routine, while still being able to wake up with full beautiful lashes.

I experienced very little fall-out the first and second weeks, but after the third it was a bit more noticeable that my extensions were thinning. These are great if you want to save time each morning, however it does make it harder to do your eyeliner, and to achieve more dramatic makeup looks since you want to avoid wearing glue-on falsies and avoid dirtying the extensions with too much shadow and liner. Next week will be week four, and I think the perfect time for my first fill if I wanted to continue having extensions.

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