Hai everyone, welcome to my site! My name is Merrrica.

I’m a cannabis influencer and creative living on the West Coast. I strive to normalize cannabis, and to do my part in ending the stigma surrounding cannabis and those who use it.

As an Asian-American, there is an unspoken pressure we face that most of our non-Asian peers will never experience. Many of today’s Asian-Americans are the first generation born in America, resulting in our parents having similar stories: growing up poor and chasing the American dream. I, and many of my peers, live in a constant fear of disappointing our parents, who have sacrificed so much for us; and smoking weed is at the top of the list.

I want to show the Asian community, as well as everyone else, that cannabis does not close the doors for the future, but instead opens them up. The cannabis industry is opening a new world of opportunities for the years to come. My goal is to help people through proper education, and to show people that cannabis can be used as a medicine.

I have a degree in media and communications from the University of Washington, and a background working at several media companies. I’ve been in the cannabis industry for three years and have been on the front lines working directly with consumers as a budtender for more than half that time. I’m an agency represented actor in Seattle, model, and visionary. Read my blogs and watch my vlogs— Together we can put an end to the stigma 💪

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p.s. Don’t tell my mom I smoke weed!



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