I’ve never had to worry about a gluten allergy, but if you do, know that Subdued Excitement’s buds are both gluten and pesticide-free.

Subdued Excitement, or SubX, is an indoor tier 2 i502 producer here in Washington state, located a stoner’s throw away from Canada. Myself, Dominique Dabs, Ro3ski, and Jay Ping from Respect My Region had the privilege of visiting their facility.

Their lead extractor, Nate, showed us around the grow rooms and showed us some of their finest concentrates. Everything looked so tasty! We were subdued and very much excited. SubX creates some of my favorite concentrates and flower.

Thanks for showing us around!
Photos courtesy of @Ro3ski

Big ol slab
Hanging out in the drying room
I want to smoke this all!
So much concentrate!
Golden goodness

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